Brake for Dexster Cruiser/Park 15"

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Sometimes even a Dexster rider needs to slow down.

The perfect brake for stomping out tricks and making quick shifts in movement. Always on the quest for the ideal braking system we devised the Dexster Park brake. Curved to reduce wheel wear the Dexster Brake is available in jet black and is equipped with precision Japanese engineering. Pressure is evenly spread across both the surface of the brake and the wheel itself to ensure that you stay in control.

  • Brake for 15" Dexster models.
  • Japanese grade steel spring.
  • EP black coating.
  • Comes with replacement rubber and screws.
  • Made in China
Brake for Dexster Cruiser/Park 15"
Brake for Dexster Cruiser/Park 15"

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