Children's' safety is paramount so we ask all kids and their parents to read and follow our safety instructions: direct parent supervision is required for all children when they ride and to reinforce all safety messages. Please always wear a helmet and protective equipment when you're riding your EzyRoller.

First the help of an adult is required for assembly: the box contains small parts which before assembly present a potential choking hazard to children under 3.

Make sure that all parts and packaging is kept out of reach of children. Keep finger and body parts away when folding, unfolding and adjusting size; you will also need to keep your fingers, hands, hair and clothes away from the wheels when using your EzyRoller!

This includes never and we mean never ever using your EzyRoller near cars, traffic, pools or where visibility is impaired. Never use your EzyRoller on slopes, near steps, hills or swimming pools.

The EzyRoller is designed to be used on flat, clean and dry surfaces where its motion principle is most efficient. The brake is not designed to stop your EzyRoller at high speed; this will cause excessive wear of the wheels that will then need replacing. It can also damage the structural strength of your EzyRoller.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answer please feel free to email us on info@ezyroller.com. Please always remember that children's safety is paramount and always supervise kids; NEVER let them use their EzyRoller near cars.

Technical Information

Privacy is super important to us. None of the personal information you share with us will be shared by someone else or another third party. Straight and simple.

The EzyRoller like similar toys in its category uses a locomotion principle called cambering motion. It uses a simple left/right movement (in our case created by the legs pushing on the moving front bar) to create an action/reaction very similar to the one used by snakes. If you were to look on the ground at the marks left by an EzyRoller it would look like a sine curve.

EzyRoller will work on most surfaces except grass, sand, gravel or uneven surfaces. It can work on heavy carpets thanks to its high resistance polyurethane wheels.

No. Its motion principle enables to work on flat sections. It is actually not designed for slopes and we strongly advise NOT to use it on slopes. Also when it is used on slopes, your child will then use the hand brake which can make a flat spot on the wheel and very quickly you'll need to replace the wheels.

Children can use it from as young as 2 or 3 for the Mini model. The Classic model is usually for kids from 4 years of age or taller than 3 ft 3". We recommend the Drifter model for kids older than 6 and the Pro for ages over 9-10. The seat of the Mini is good up to 35-45 lbs so a tall 3 year-old could be more comfortable on a Classic than a Mini. Then the Pro models are probably better once the child is over 110-120 lbs because it has a wider seat.

We have some maximum weight limits but what is probably more relevant is probably a "maximum comfort weight". Each child is different; however based on feedback, our experience is that:

  • the Mini is good between 30 to 45 lbs
  • The Classic (Originals and X Series) is good between 35 to 100-110 lbs
  • The Drifter (Originals and X Series) is good between 45 to 100-110 lbs
  • The Pro (all models ) is good between 110-120 lbs up to 200lbs. Above that we don't have a model yet...

Wheels are a complex issue. First there's differences between the wear and tear of the front and back wheels. The Ezyroller movement is based on a right/left friction of the front wheel on the ground so it will wear out the front wheel. We use the best polyurethane compounds we have available for our wheels; we do try always better compound and additives so they are also improving and today’s wheels last over 15% more than 3 years ago. The 3 main things that affect how long they last are the weight of the kid that is riding, how abrasive the surface it’s played on and the temperature; if it’s a smoother surface with a lighter kid, the wheels can last literally years. We now make a wider front wheel for all our models except the mini. This alleviates any issue with the front wheel wearing down quickly from lots of use.

For the back wheel, it's less a question of weight and more an issue of usage. When there's flat spots on the back wheel under the brake, most of the time it's because kids go downhill, get speed (and it doesn’t have to be a super big slope because on 3 wheels, they get speed really quickly) and they pull the brake hard and it makes a flat spot. The same thing would happen on a normal stand up scooter if kids push hard on the back wheel brake. So it could have happened even after a couple of minutes of usage because our Ezyroller is not designed to be used like that (we write that quite a bit on the product, instructions and box). Our Ezyrollers are designed to be used on flat surfaces and that's where its movement is most enjoyed.

Initially we were manufacturing in our garage in New Zealand but quickly we had to switch to Asia. It is cheaper to manufacture there but the main argument for us was that basically there was no manufacturer in New Zealand that had the industrial capacity to make enough units. Workers in our factories are young but there is NO CHILD LABOR (I know because I go there every month or so). Like at home, parents send their kids to school to get good grades and get ahead in life. Anyway wherever you go, you get the quality you pay for. And we don't compromise on that. Our factory in China is ISO9001 and has more than 20 years experience in similar products. We get better quality than in New Zealand...because there you can do things that would be prohibitively expensive to do at home or that people don't know how to do any more. We are always looking at suppliers that are closer to our markets in the US and Europe to reduce carbon footprint; if you think you can help, don't hesitate to contact us!

Yes. There is a 2 year warranty on the frame from date of purchase. This doesn't cover the elements that can wear and tear (seat, wheels, grips...), poor maintenance and doesn't cover EzyRollers going under cars... Our EzyRollers are mostly made of steel and will rust if left outside in the rain or humidity; we have a very strong powdercoating binding process but rust will start if there's a scratch and then it's left outside unprotected.

Your EzyRoller is not designed to be used on slopes, but on flat surfaces. Using the brake on slopes will very quickly wear out the wheels that is not covered by our warranty.

Yes. We sell all the parts to make an EzyRoller if you were to lose anything. We don't have all the parts listed but we should have all of them in stock or if not available very quickly. You can find them here. If there's anything you can't find please email info@ezyroller.com

Examples Of Games

There is virtually no limit to our kids imagination, from drawing with chalk on the ground to basketball (see our low hoop or our activity kit)! These activities are in no way trying to limit their creativity but more to foster some new ones! Kids can play with one EzyRoller and compete together or make matches if they have more than one.

We have split our games between activities you need with one EzyRoller and the ones that require more than one EzyRoller.

The simplest and still super exciting: EzySlalom and Agility.

What you need:

  • A large flat area (tennis court, sports ground)
  • Some plots (sports cones, balls...) for the course
  • A chronometer to time your mates.

What to do:

  1. Place the cones on the ground and set a start/finish line
  2. Place yourself behind the start line
  3. Slalom between the obstacles without touching them
  4. The winner is the one that is fastest at crossing the line without touching the obstacles. Depending on the difficulty of the course you can incur penalties for touching the obstacles

How to improve: Find the best trajectory first before focusing on speed.

Variants: You can have a team against another one, trying to make a relay and see who is fastest
When you touch, you go around the obstacle. You can go around the block as fast as possible and time yourself!

EzyHockey game.

What you need:

  • A large flat area (tennis court, sports ground...)
  • 2 teams of 3 kids at least. More if you have a big court.
  • Some goal posts.
  • A ball.

What to do:

  1. Make 2 even teams
  2. Like at hockey or soccer, you can pass the ball directly
  3. Score in the post

How to improve: Try to have a defense and attack team with more a specialized striker.

Variants: If you have a small hockey set then use a smaller ball. You can throw the ball backwards. Use American football rules with a quarterback!