Product Care
and Warranty

Product Care

At Ezyroller, we set the bar so high that your maintenance stays at an all-time low. Forget about fussy upkeep! Just remember to shield your Ezyroller from raindrops and sunbeams, and it'll stay sleek and smooth. It's effortless elegance, brought to you by our uncompromising standards


There is a 2 year warranty on the frame from date of purchase. This doesn't cover the elements that can wear and tear (seat, wheels, grips...), poor maintenance and doesn't cover EzyRollers going under cars... Our EzyRollers are mostly made of steel and will rust if left outside in the rain or humidity; we have a very strong powdercoating binding process but rust will start if there's a scratch and then it's left outside unprotected.

Your EzyRoller is not designed to be used on slopes, but on flat surfaces. Using the brake on slopes will very quickly wear out the wheels that is not covered by our warranty.