EzyRoller In Action

Is it possible to have too much fun? We don’t think so. Whether they’re a speed freak or a smooth cruiser, the EzyRoller appeals to every kid on earth. Racing friends, shooting hoops or chilling and gliding, the play possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to get your kids outdoors, be warned. You’ll have trouble getting them back inside again.

The principle behind the EzyRoller is so powerfull that most kids can go alone with their EzyRollers within seconds and as young as one and a half year old. You can reach speed up to 12 mph once you have the technique (and legs)!

The EzyRoller can be used by kids aged 1.5 to much older and comes in an attractive color box including all extensions and tools needed to grow with your kids thanks to our patented and award winning design.