Sweeping acrossplaygrounds and sidewalks of the world is a machine that fearlessly lets you curve your way. It's called the Ezyroller. Smooth riding artistry that's so much carefree fun, it leaves pretenders in its wake and has any kid from 2 to 82 hooked.

Is it possible to have too much fun? We don’t think so.

Whether they’re a speed freak or a smooth cruiser, the EzyRoller appeals to every kid on earth.
Racing friends, shooting hoops or chilling and gliding, the play possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to get your kids outdoors, be warned. You’ll have trouble getting them back inside again.


Drifter Pro X

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Drifter X

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Ride and shoot!


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2023 Award Winning Toy

Rediscover Hockey

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Why should the little ones miss out?

EZYRoller Mini

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Which Ezyroller is right for your kids (and you!)