EzyRoller Education Small

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These heavy duty EzyRollersĀ are designed to withstand the most rigorous play. A reinforced steel frame, double front wheels, and extra strong seats make them ideal for pre-school or primary schools and camps.

  • Length: 25" (65cm)
  • Width:Ā 18" (44cm)
  • Max recommended rider weight:Ā 80 lbs/38kg
  • Age: 3-6 years of age Ā 

Please noteĀ that these EzyRoller Education models areĀ specifically designed for institutionsĀ andĀ areĀ not really suited for private/retail users; they have some heavy duty features butĀ are not extendableĀ (so they are only in one set size),Ā do not have a brakeĀ and only come in black.Ā Please contact us for quantity pricing!

All our EzyRollers have a 2 year warranty on the frame; it doesn't cover normal wear and tear, poor maintenance and parts such as wheels, grips and seat.Ā